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01 January 2030 @ 04:10 am



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21 February 2017 @ 08:13 pm
Answer: probably a man.

I ordered a pair of jeans that looked really cute and didn't realize they were high-waisted. OMG tool of the devil! A lot of women seem to like high-waisted jeans, but I totally hate the high waist of these jeans, it is so uncomfortable and awkward! I got the right size too, they fit great everywhere else, and it's not that the waist is too tight it's just so high that it feels like I'm wearing a corset or one of those waist wraps for people with injured lower backs/waists. I'm thinking I should return them, but it's such a shame because they fit so good everywhere else and look really good on with a shirt that covers my tummy/waist area. Everything from the crotch area up looks so ugly, I can't so I'd have to hide it with an untucked shirt. I do not know how some women wear crop tops with high-waisted jeans. I think this style of jeans must be made for people with completely flat, toned stomachs ughhhh (which is like such a small part of the American population, seriously clothing manufacturers & designers wtf is up with your delusions). It probably doesn't help when it comes to finding jeans that I have a weird body shape -- I've got a relatively wide/thick waist compared to my hips and legs so if something fits me in the waist, it'll be too big and baggy everywhere else.

Genetics is killing me. This class is so hard for me, it shouldn't be this hard because I'm really good at science and math -- all my other science and math courses have come really easily to me, but this is just...idek. I'll be reading the textbook and just be like hahaha, wtf man are you even going on about none of this makes any sense. I've been watching videos on youtube to help supplement my utterly whack textbook, but I still feel like a deer in the headlights. I'd go in and talk to my professor during his office hours but he's the sweetest and most confusing guy ever. Cue up BTS's song "Lost."
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08 January 2017 @ 05:46 pm
Hiiiiii, I'm not dead. I stole this from the lovely enname

Your main fandom of the year?
BTS, like crazy. And because of this guyCollapse )

Skam, because it's my lifeCollapse )

Newest fandom: NCT, because I need to love myself instead of fangirling himCollapse )

Your favourite film watched this year?
Uhhhhh, how sad is it that I can barely remember any good films I watched this year? I definitely watch more tv shows than movies. Let's see...I watched Girl On a Train recently but I didn't like it. I remember now that I watched all three movies based on Jussi Adler-Olsen's Department Q book series: The Keeper of Lost Causes, The Absent One, Conspiracy of Faith. They were all very good and I enjoyed them, I hope they keep making more in this series.

Your favourite book read this year?
So You've Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson was an interesting read.

Your favourite album or song to listen to this year?
I listened to a lot of old school hip hop & rap this year out of nostalgia, so my most listened songs this year were probably Nas's Hate Me Now and The Message, Dr. Dre's Still D.R.E., Missy Elliott's One Minute Man, and Kanye West's Illest Motherfucker Alive -- at least I think these were the songs I listened to the most while driving. As for newer stuff, BTS's Wings album and anything by Cigarettes After Sex and Wet.

Your favourite TV show of the year? (in the order of what I liked most)
Skam (aka Shame -- Norwegian), Ófærð (aka Trapped -- Iceland), Bedrag (aka Follow the Money -- Swedish), Midnight Sun (Swedish), third season of Broad City (US), second season of The Missing (UK), And Then There Were None (tv mini-series -- UK), Boku dake ga Inai Machi (anime -- Japan).

Your favourite LJ community of the year?
I guess omonatheydidnt because it was the one I read the most. LJ is so dead, though, which is sad.

Your best new fandom discovery of the year?
BTS, Skam, NCT

Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year?
That I can't go the BTS Chicago concert. :(

Hot male you were attracted to on TV/TV boyfriend of the year?
Riz Ahmed in The Night Of (I liked him more than I did the show), Thomas Hwan in Bedrag (sexiest financial crimes cop ever!), Aiden Turner in And Then There Were None (I don't like him in Poldark because his character is an idiotic asshole, and he was better groomed and styled in ATTWN), I was weirdly attracted to Olafur Darri Olafsson in Trapped (even though I hate beards, but he is seriously such a talented actor and I loved his character)

Hot female you were attracted to on TV/TV girlfriend of the year?
Josefine Frida Pettersen in Skam, Natalie Madueno in Bedrag (even though I wanted to strangle her character every five minutes)

Your biggest squee moment of the year?
Probably every time I saw Kim Taehyung (stage name: V -- stupid stage name btw) of BTS stick his tongue out or act cheeky (which is All. The. Time.). Seriously, I'm a pathetic fangirl.

The most missed of your old fandoms?
Alias (the Sarkney side especially. Can we please get a reboot of Alias?), SHINee (no more throwback concepts please unless it's throwback to the A+ styling of Ring Ding Dong era), 2PM (can they please go to another management company who will appreciate and promote them more? JYP has proven it can't handle more than two groups at a time and all it cares about are Twice and GOT7 now. Wonder Girls seriously has the right idea in leaving, I wish 2PM would as well)

The fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to?
I'm not sure how much I want to get into NCT fandom. SM bands have a history of disappointing me (except for SHINee), mostly because SM is evil.

Your biggest fan anticipations for the new year?
It was BTS's US tour, but I'm sad I can't go. Still, I'm anticipating reports, pics, and videos from all the fans who will be going.
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I'm trying to institute The LJennaisance on my LJ and I'm going to try my best to post on a weekly basis at least. I've been missing LJ tremendously in the past year (maybe even longer than that) and I really wish to find out what's going on with old LJ friends and reconnect. I don't know if that's possible, but I guess I have to do my part and post regularly instead of just reading the flist (fairly barren, unfortunately) regularly.

Uncharitable person that I am, I can't help but resent the mass exodus to Facebook (too much overlap with real life, no thank you -- deleted mine ages ago), Twitter (boring and often useless info/TMI overload), and Tumblr (love reading for pics and gifs, but seems devoid of real content and intimacy, too distant for me and no idea how people make friends on it). I wish that as people had left LJ for other platforms, they would've linked their tumblrs or twitters so I could keep following them instead of being left to wonder how they're doing, what's going on in their lives, what are they interested in and fannish about now? But maybe people don't because that's the whole point? They want to shed some of their old LJ friendships so completely and leave no way for some of us to follow them? If so, that makes me really sad. I disappeared from LJ not because I left for other platforms, but because it seemed to have become a ghost town in a span of a couple of weeks -- that's how fast it seemed to have happened. So I guess this is a call out into the abyss to any old LJ friends who see this and who have left (or even those who still post on LJ) -- please comment and link me your tumblrs and twitters if you are more active on those platforms and don't mind letting me follow you there (comments are screened), or anyone who is out there please point me to some LJ friending memes/recommend me some interesting LJ-ers you enjoy reading. I'm very grateful for those LJ friends who have remained, and I'd also like to add some new people who are still active on LJ.

The note LJ sent out recently encouraging people to come back and this article that buffyx recently linked really hit me hard and made me realize: LJ, I'm not ready to quit you and I still miss you every day.

Other than my moaning about the death of LJ, I woke up this morning with a full-blown cold so I canceled my Chinese lesson. Slept in all day and ended up not going window shopping which is much better for me because let's face it -- window shopping always seems to turn into real shopping, at least with me it does, and I need to stick to my resolution of living lighter this year. I ended up sending my tutor a rambling email apologizing for being a bad student and canceling at the last minute. Dinner was hot and sour soup and crackers. /sad Two classes tomorrow and the students are doing their 1-2 minute speeches so I'll be able to save my voice. My throat is pretty sore and I'm quite hoarse so if I can save my voice as much as possible, that'll be better for me. Last time I was sick, I had to cancel classes because I ended up losing my voice completely -- this has happened twice in the past year in China! It only happened to me once in all the years I lived in the U.S.*shakes head*
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28 August 2014 @ 02:13 am
According to my userinfo page I last updated on June 10, 2014. I did not update that day. I haven't updated since, I think, October 2013. No entry shows up on June 10, 2014, or at all past Oct 2013 (except for this one, obviously). What the hell, I'm so confused.
I really liked this fic: Humans can survive underwater, but not for very long

I'm not a fan of MinKey, but this fic does MinKey the way I like, which is to say not very 'MinKey' at all. I really love Minho in this, but especially Key -- it manages to capture his bravado and breezy attitude as well as how intensely lonely and complicated he is deep down. Key is a ghost, Minho is a college student and part-time ghost whisperer/spiritual medium/dude who sees dead people, and Key is haunting his apartment. The story is funny and sad and just all around a treat to read. It's simply written but also intelligently so; it's lean, tight, with very little narrative excess. It wastes no time or type describing what the characters look like physically but cleverly points out Key's varying states of corporeality and solidity as a ghost. I think it's just a very cleverly written story in general without the affected unnecessary stylistic flourishes I'm used to seeing in kpop fic. There are a few spelling errors and the writer could've used a beta, but other than that, it's probably the best MinKey fic I've read yet.
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More SHINee Regency Historical AU fanfic. Oh, boy. :/

{ A Ruinous Season: The Bohemian (xii) }
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I really enjoyed this story that takes the common premise of band members waking up with superpowers and manages to make it less about that and more about the friendships in ZE:A, the funny chaos that seems to occur when these 9 guys are around, and the extra special little relationships. Siwan was written particularly well -- all prickly yet sensible, Heechul is delightfully grumpy and caustically witty, Hyungsik is adorable and oblivious, Kevin is gentle and romantic and sadly obvious, Kwanghee is hilarious and crazy as usual...the characterizations are very well done and a good primer on every member's basic personality. Thoroughly enjoyable with many laugh-out-loud moments and bits of dialogue. The blithe tone of the piece gives it a breezy madcap charm that especially appealed to me. Highly recommended, a very fun read! Please take a look and leave the writer some well-deserved feedback. :)
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NOW. RIGHT NOW. READ. Marvel and fall into the only magic that matters: love in all its incarnations.

Shaking and crying is not hyperbole for what I am feeling right now. Simply wondrous.

And I know how you've hurt and been dragged through the dirt. But come on get back up, it's time to live. So give your love to me, I'm gonna keep it carefully. So deep in the treasure chest below my breast.

'Cause out of all the people I've known, the places I've been, the songs I have sung, the wonders I've seen. Now that the dreams are all coming true, who is the one that leads me on through?

It's you.

Read the story. You'll understand.
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More SHINee Regency Historical AU fanfic. Oh, boy. :/

{ A Ruinous Season: The Bohemian (iii) }
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